TFL’s hub at St Pancras International

TFL’s hub at London St Pancras International

TFL’s hub at London St Pancras International is often the starting point for visitors to the city – around 16 million enter the station each year. A space that has to combine face-to-face service, information provision and ticket sales, this hub might have to cater to the needs of several thousand each day. Our brief was not just about creating a versatile space but one that could cope with huge footfall.

We worked with our designers to maximise room for staff and visitors, creating bespoke desk space for staff, information displays and leaflet dispensers. We worked with architects to understand the form of the space and developed designs to suit, fine-tuning 3-D drawings to get us as close as possible to the final layout and design before work began. The end result guides visitors through a range of experiences, including ticket sales facilities.

Our work concluded with the full fit-out of designs, fabricated on our site and transported to London, something which had to happen with minimum disruption to the everyday activities of the station.

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