Abellio Ticketing Machines at Liverpool Street Station

Abellio Ticketing Machines at Liverpool Street Station

Liverpool Street Station, London, is a very busy place, with over 30 million passengers crossing the concourse each year. A recently installed row of ticketing machines was underused, so the client – Abellio – tasked us with increasing visibility and presence for the machines, and guiding customers to them.

After visiting the site and monitoring use, we began to develop a way finding solution to increase use. The answer, we felt, was to lift signage above the visual noise of the location. Our initial drawings sketched out ideas to the client – a huge red ‘hub’ to hold together the bank of machines and make clear their function. Individually, they had been by-passed but together with clear signage, function, location and appeal their presence was unmistakable.

One of the challenges of this project was timing. Working in an area of heavy traffic gave us workable slots of just three hours overnight. By manufacturing with this in mind, we ensured that the hub could be easily constructed and installed on site without causing disruption.

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